The truth about non organic foods

This article is over 4 years old Organic apples and pears.

The truth about non organic foods

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This is great info. Am I Acidic or Alkaline: A couple questions though. What formula would you use in order to find a balance of the foods? Thank you for your informational article. I hope my questions make sense! I highly, highly doubt that you could push your body into such a high alkaline level as to be dangerous, from daily food.

The goal is to remain on the alkaline side, thwarting disease and cancer cells. Use some of your own common sense. Your blood is a buffered system — the pH is automatically corrected to be within the narrow range required for life.

You can drop pure acid into a buffered system and the pH will not change until an absolute ton of acid has been added.

Any effect on blood pH is minimal and totally transient. You bring up a valid point, but how do you think it turns the acid into a base? By using calcium, magnesium, potassium… bases…. That aside the perceived health benefits that people are experiencing can be attributed to simply eating less crap food.

It may also be noted the the highest concentration of centurions are among a group of monks that consume acetic acid everyday. The points made regarding gastric acidity are also essentially correct, and are made at greater length in my long January 18 Comment below. Finally, the only technical clarification I would offer is regarding inhaled CO2 as source of bicarbonate CO3 two minus anionwhich is a product, first, of dissolution of CO2 into water to form carbonic acid during inhalation in the lungthen the immediate neutralization of the carbonic acid to bicarbonate as a result of cellular homeostatic processes.

Hence, inhalation does not bring in the mineral salts that are used to form neutralized bicarbonate; these counterions are also metabolic and so dietary in origin, like those neutralizing acidity within the gut, within cells, etc.

You are not a doctor, you DO NOT know what causes cancer or how to treat cancer, shame on you for this malarkey. Thanks for your opinion. Furthermore, my readers are entitled to their own, including whether to believe what I say or consider it junk science.

When it comes to our health it bodes us well to remain curious and questioning, never blindly accepting the advice of anyone regardless of how many letters follow their name, and how many citations and references support their opinion! These were pre-internet days, so they did all their research at the city library.

Eventually they figure out why diets low in long chain fats were actually increasing the serum blood levels instead of decreasing them as doctors had expected. They then had to solve the problem and mum comes up with an idea that if the body is overloaded with GOOD fats, it will cease the biosynthesis of bad fats and therefore halt further development of the disease.

Sorry about the rant. I have long struggled to comprehend how some university educated individuals continue, with pompous indignation, to uphold the belief that one must parrot somebody else in order to build a convincing argument.

Such restrictive reasoning seems to continue long after their days of academic assignment writing.

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But usually it is not. Sez Rachel Hurst and common-bloody-sense! Makes me so grumpy. The fact is alkalining the body will save lives when it comes to cancer. Theya only have to take 12 hours of nutrition in their medical studies.

Our healthcare system in the US only allows for 3 ways to treat cancer. Radiation, surgery and chemotherapy…. The fact is if you knew more about the pH system.Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce.

~ Doug Smith. In a nutshell, organic food products must meet the same standards that apply to non-organic foods, but the organic food products must meet an additional set of standards (the NOP) that do not. The Truth About Organic. To be safe, always try to go directly to the source, as many small farms -- both organic and non-organic -- are doing it right.

Just look at the Cascuns. The Green PolkaDot Box, selling products with ties to Monsanto and Halliburton, is supported by Natural News, OCA, and Institute for Responsible Technology.

The truth about non organic foods

Ideally, all the food you buy would be organic for environmental and health reasons. However, that is not always financially feasible.

If you are going to buy non-organic foods, these are the foods with the lowest pesticide levels. Feb 08,  · A produce stand A recent review article in the scientific journal Nature Plants makes the claim that organic produces "foods that contain less (or no) pesticide residues, compared with.

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